Why You Need a Juice Groove Cutting Board For the Summer

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As Memorial Day approaches, we find that cookouts are becoming more and more prevalent. If it's just starting to warm up where you are, it’s finally time to dust off those grilling tools in preparation for summertime cookouts every weekend (or every night if you’re like us).

If you’re a master griller then you most likely know this, but if you aren't then listen up! If you want to get serious with grilling this summer, then a cutting board with a juice groove is an absolute necessity! Below are a few benefits that come from having a great, quality wood cutting board with a juice groove.

Prevent Juicy, Greasy Messes

Juice grooves are great for catching all the mess that gets created when you grill.

We all know that an apron protects our clothes, but what protects our counters? A juice groove, of course. Juice grooves catch all the juice, grease, liquids, and “debris” that strays away from what you’re prepping.

If you plan on using your board to cook for large groups of people, make sure to get a large enough cutting board like the Extra Large Personalized Walnut Chopping with Juice Grooves to catch everything and prevent a big greasy mess. 

For serving purposes, we love the large maple cutting board with juice groove because the juice groove keeps in messes from any food being served, but also shows off engravings well. Use your maple board for Memorial Day or any summertime cookouts.

Juice Grooves Contain Bacteria

When juices leave the area where you prep your food, this just means you’re leaving room for bacteria to grow. Instead of cleaning up your whole countertop area and spreading germs everywhere, it’s best to get a cutting board with a juice groove to contain these messes, especially when it comes to uncooked meat. 

walnut juice groove board- hailey home

Chris Campbell, expert grill guy and  on the Personalized Large Walnut Cutting Board with Juice Groove. 

Walnut is very popular in the grilling world because it's harder to see stains on the dark wood. When cooking red meat, a maple board could get stained much more quickly than a walnut wood cutting board. 

 If you still have questions or can't decide which board to buy, check out our juice groove boards here, or reach out to us at contact@haileyhome.com.

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