Personalized Coasters

Hailey Home Personalized Custom Coasters

Looking for and finding that perfect gift, for any occasion, can be tough. Especially if you’re trying to surprise or impress that certain someone who has everything. For a truly unique and special present, whether you opt for silly or sentimental, is the customized coaster set from Hailey Home. We thought we would highlight everything you need to know about our coasters. After all, 'Tis the season for custom coasters!

Personalized Engraved Coasters
Monogrammed Coasters as Gifts

Why Custom Coasters Make Great Gifts

Sometimes, you’re looking to find a gift that also serves a purpose. Coasters are fantastic in that they are functional year-round. Plain or mass-designed coasters end up being just that, plain and mass-designed. Instead, consider customizing coasters with a specific message or sentimental design. You can combine the functional with the personal touch, to impress your recipient.

Personalized Coasters

Hailey Home Custom Coasters

The smallest details can make the biggest difference when making a house a home. Coasters are more than just a way of keeping your furniture free of marks, coasters are a finishing touch that help you express yourself. 

Our slate coasters can be personalized in a range of styles, including names and monograms. 

Perfect for housewarming gifts, birthdays and anniversaries, our custom coasters are American-made, engraved in our beautiful upstate New York workshop by hand and come with a quality guarantee.

Personalized coasters are a thoughtful gift, full of love and ready to be enjoyed for years to come. Enjoy your own custom coasters to commemorate your wedding, celebrate your new home or mark any special occasion and for years your drink coasters will bring a smile to your face thinking of that special occasion. 

Why should you choose Hailey Home for your personalized drink coasters? Our products are customized and hand-finished in the USA, come with guaranteed quality and you can enjoy free shipping when you spend over $100!

We'll Help You Get Creative

You may be wondering how to customize your coasters and need a little help with ideas for personalizing your gift. If you're considering these as a corporate gift or from your business, we can engrave logos or company tag lines for bulk orders. Maybe you’re looking for that special wedding or anniversary present for a special couple in your personal life. Consider customizing your slate coasters with a specific date. Some of our customers love to present these as family gifts to several members and design a simple monogram, initials, or a family last name.

Traditional Monogram Engraved Slate Coaster Set

Traditional Monogram Engraved Slate Coaster Set 4"x4"

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Deluxe Name Engraved Slate Coaster Set

Deluxe Name Engraved Slate Coaster Set 4"x4"

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Floral Monogram Engraved Slate Coaster Set

Floral Monogram Engraved Slate Coaster Set 4"x4"

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Flower Vase Monogram Engraved Slate Coaster Set

Flower Vase Monogram Engraved Slate Coaster Set 4"x4"

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Printing vs. Engraving Coasters

Some bulk, promotional product companies offer personalized gifts by means of printing with ink. Here at Hailey Home, we opt for engraving as our method of personalization. Engraving, of course, is a more permanent method of personalization. But, it also stands up to moisture and wear exponentially better than any printed message. Ink printing might be easier on the production side. However, engraving produces a higher-quality message for you, the customer, and ultimately, your gift recipient.

What it means to be Hailey Home Made: Each customized coaster from Hailey Home, LLC, comes backed with our 30-day satisfaction guarantee. We are very proud that all of our items are hand-crafted here in the USA. So, you can be proud to offer the highest quality, and American made coasters.

Engraved Coaster

How Hailey Home Coasters Are Different (AND Better)

Our customized coasters always begin with the highest quality materials. We use a sturdy and beautiful slate that is all-natural. The mass-produced coasters from those big retail stores tend to use cheaper plastics and cork. These materials, although sometimes reduced in cost, also end up being lesser quality and tend to wear out quickly. Many aren’t waterproof at all. If you’re gifting a set of coasters, you want them to be waterproof, and you’ll want them to last. A customized slate coaster from Hailey Home will almost never wear out and will send the message that you took the time to find a quality, functional gift.

All Natural


High Quality Custom Coasters

High Quality

Waterproof Coasters


Durable Coasters


Some of the Best Occasions to Offer Customized Coasters

Based on how many of our past and repeat customers have impressed others with customized coasters, we thought we would put together an idea list of perfect occasions to give these beautiful, tabletop masterpieces.

Housewarming Gifts

Ideal for when you're looking for something to offer that is functional, traditional, yet personal to the home.

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Dots Monogram Engraved Slate Coaster Set

Dots Monogram Engraved Slate Coaster Set 4"x4"

Wedding Gifts

Commemorate the special union of two favorite people with monogrammed coasters.

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Double Initial Monogram Engraved Slate Coaster Set

Double Initial Monogram Engraved Slate Coaster Set 4"x4"

Parents & Family

Sometimes, buying for siblings, parents, or special family members is tough. Personalized coasters make wonderful presents for birthdays, holidays, or occasions.

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Celebration Date Monogram Engraved Slate Coaster Set

Celebration Date Monogram Engraved Slate Coaster Set 4"x4"

Friends & Neighbors

Not sure what to get that finicky friend or helpful neighbor? Consider customized coasters as a simple, yet quality gift that says "thank you" and shows appreciation for friendship.

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Traditional Monogram Engraved Slate Coaster Set

Traditional Monogram Engraved Slate Coaster Set 4"x4"

Employees & Company Gifts

Demonstrate your appreciation for a job well done with staff, or as a thank you to trusted clients by offering customized coasters.

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Stars Monogram Engraved Slate Coaster Set

Stars Monogram Engraved Slate Coaster Set 4"x4"

Customizable Gifts and Products

A Selection of Customizable Products

If you're interested in offering customized gifts in addition to your coasters, we can help. Hailey Home, LLC offers customized cutting boards that are a perfect gift for any kitchen. You can also frame that special occasion photo with one of our personalized picture frames. Or, you can order one of our house number plaques as a stylish home entry decors gift. Know that all of our customized products are crafted with the highest quality materials, and often make the best sentimental gifts for any occasion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’re ready to design and order your customized coasters. But, for those who may still have questions about our coasters, we've outlined some of the most common frequently asked questions to help.

Q: How should I clean my personalized coasters?

A: Warm soapy water will do to clean your coasters. Dry with a towel. (Do not put them in the dishwasher)

Q: Will the customization wear off?

A: No! Because our slate coasters are engraved, your message or design is permanent.

Q: Are my coasters waterproof?

A: Yes! Rest assured knowing your coasters will withstand years of sweaty glassware.

Q: Will the slate coasters scratch my table?

A: No! Our high-quality slate coasters also come equipped with rubber feet in each corner to prevent damaging your tabletop surfaces.

Q: What happens if my slate coasters are broken or chipped during shipping?

A: Should your order be damaged in transit, rest assured you’re covered by our 30-day satisfaction guarantee for a prompt replacement.

Q: Can I create my own text for engraving?

A: Yes! Feel free to play around with your own custom text ideas.

Q: How much is shipping?

A: Shipping rates may vary based on the number of customized coasters you order. Any order over $125 is shipped for free.

Q: Do you offer Military Discounts?

A: Yes, and thank you for your service! We offer discounts for bulk orders as well.

Ordering Information

Ordering a customized gift from Hailey Home means you'll be receiving a unique, specialty item that you won't find anywhere else. We carefully prepare each product for every order, customized coasters included, by hand and with care. If you're trying to find a personalized gift for someone dear to you, consider customizing coasters with Hailey Home. It will be an unforgettable gesture, designed to last for years to come. Contact us today to design and order yours!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

We specialize in crafting and delivering the highest quality coasters with your requests in mind. Here are what some of our past and repeat customers have to say about working with us and enjoying our personalized monogram coasters.

"Photos don’t do it justice."
"Love it!!!"
"These make GREAT gifts."
"Absolutely beautiful!"
"Fantastic item, super quality."