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My son loved it

Bought this for my son for Xmas....He loved it

Great product

These are great, I bought 5 of them as gifts. Very happy.

Ordered 2 personalized cutting boards for gifts. Both loved them. Good quality.

I ordered the cutting board for my daughter. Made a wonderful and beautiful gift. Very good quality. Well worth the wait.


Great gift - cannot wait to use this again and again.

The product is beautiful. Unfortunately, it looks so good that my wife is afraid that it will be ruined by cutting on it and would leave cut marks on the board. She plans to use it as a serving board only. Has this board been tested to demonstrate its usability? Also, I noticed that when I ran my hand along the bottom edge that it felt rough as though it had not been smooth sanded like the rest of the board. Since the vendor was back-ordered I wondered whether my constant questioning of them forced them to fulfill the order before it went through all of the quality control, pre-release. It is unclear whether an oil or other product needs to be put on the board to preserve it.
Again, a beautiful product, but unsure of how it will perform in its intended purpose as a cutting board.
L.R. Felder

Very nice addition to the kitchen

Nice piece. Knives stay very secure.

So cool

Beautiful job, fast delivery

Birthday/Wedding Anniversary

Disappointed I didn't receive my order until 9 months after I purchased it. It was a gift for a close family member. An update would of been nice. Overall they loved it. Thanks!

Can't give fewer stars

Can't give them fewer stars. These reviews are a joke just like their total non-responsiveness to legitimate complaints.

Would order again

This was a gif, a breadboard personalized. It was exactly as described so I was pleased. it did take much longer than expected but that may be due to the Christmas season and everything being slowed down because of COVID. I would definitely order products again, but next time would get larger sized. Anything personalized it just so much better in my opinion, it just makes the gift special.

Terrible service

Odered 7 items before Christmas. Still waiting for my orders to be delivered. Never will order again.


I have bought 3 cutting boards from this company and they are absolutely beautiful. They made wonderful Christmas gifts and my family loved them.

Love this!

Such a cool and convenient item to add to your kitchen. Great gift!


I ordered on Dec. 14, 2020 and after the 20 days went by I waited patiently for them to send me at least an email as to why it was taking so long so I emailed them and got the token email: oh we have on our website it will be 15 to 20 days etc, etc. So I waited some more and emailed them again and got the same blah, blah, blah. So I emailed and told them I was going to our local sheriff's office Fraud Dept about this and received it like the next day! Which as in mid February. So now they want a review. I will never order another thing from them. Very bad business practices. And the item was not what I thought it would be. Also ordered oil for it but that wasn't shipped but they did give me a refund immediately which I appreciate. But sorry I can't really say anything good about them, I was really disappointed in them

Cutting board

I sent it as a gift Nov. 12 2020. Did not get delivered until end of Feb. 2021.
Will never order again from this company.

I have not received this item

I have not received this item. I have repeatedly contacted your company about this item and 2 other items I ordered 3 months ago and still nothing.


Even though I ordered in early December and they arrived in time for Valentine’s Day, I’m thrilled with the quality and look of these boards. Your oil is also the best and I’ll use it religiously to preserve the wood.

Nice product-great customer service!

I received my personalized cutting board and was very pleased with the quality and appearance.
The time to receive the product was a little longer than I had expected--I reached out to the company to inquire as to status and I received a prompt and very transparent response--they were swamped with orders, which is a good thing. it's refreshing to deal with a company that truly understands the importance of customer service. The product was worth the wait. Thanks to the team at Hailey Home for making my first experience with your company not my last.

Beautiful -2nd time around

I also ordered this item back in December, and really did understand the production delays. However, our original cutting board arrived with the wording spaced awkwardly. I wrote a complaint email, and a new one THAT WAS PERFECT! arrived out of the blue about 7 days later. It is just what I hoped it would be. I'm extremely happy with the 2nd product, and the turn around after the complaint. My one suggestion would be to work on communications. Customers mostly just want to know what is going on. Even an automatic shipping email is pretty standard now. But the cutting board is beautiful and will make a great gift.

Knife board

Small for the price ordered November 2020 received February 2021?!?! Now you’ve dogged me to review the product you took4 months to deliver !!

Fantastic Gift

After 2.5 months I finally received the wonderful cutting board. I’m sure the friend I gave it to will use this for many years to come. The only drawback was the very slow fulfillment time.