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Cutting boards are more than just practical items that nearly everyone uses. They also add warmth and ambience to any décor, and appeal to a wide range of people. If you are looking for functional, attractive items for your restaurant, bar, next event, or client gifts, you can’t go wrong with our wholesale cutting boards. Our wholesale prices begin at just 10 items, which is much lower than the industry standard of between 20 and 100.

Hand-finished and custom engraved at our New York workshop, we guarantee the best quality serving trays available by selecting only the best North American hardwoods. Our in-house design team offers art preparation of your supplied custom artwork or logo at no additional cost.

Wholesale and Bulk Personalized Cutting Boards & Serving Trays

Perfect for Numerous Occasions

You don’t have to be an exotic chef to appreciate our wholesale cutting boards and serving trays.
They’re ideal for a number of people and occasions, including:

Small & medium-sized businesses ›

A great way to improve your branding and company image. Allow us to put your company logo on custom cutting boards to add a big impact for your customers.

Wholesale stacked cutting boards

Engraved Walnut Cutting Board - 11" x 16"

Corporate gift giving ›

Give your clients, employees, or business associates a token of your appreciation with a unique cutting board containing your own logo or a personalized message.

Wholesale Corporate Cutting Board Gifts

Engraved Walnut Cutting Board - 11" x 16"

Souvenir or gift shops ›

Boards with your logo can become attractive collectors’ pieces that will warmly remind people of their visit with you.

Wholesale Cutting Boards For Souvenirs

Engraved Walnut Cutting Board - 11" x 16"

Holiday gifts ›

Let us create a holiday-themed board for everyone on your gift list, complete with your own personalized message.

Wholesale Holiday Cutting Board Gifts

Engraved Walnut Cutting Board - 11" x 16"

Real estate closings ›

Start clients off right in their new home and give them something they can remember this momentous occasion by. Choose a custom monogram or special housewarming message to perfectly commemorate this milestone.

Real Estate Closings Cutting Board Gifts

Engraved Walnut Cutting Board - 11" x 16"

Special events ›

Catering a party or event? Allow us to create custom cutting boards, serving trays, and table centerpiece boards especially for the occasion. They’ll make a big impact for your business, and are great for any wedding, quinceanera, bar mitzvah or other similar event.

Special Events Cutting Boards

Engraved Walnut Cutting Board - 11" x 16"

What Makes Our Cutting Boards Different?

Our customized cutting boards are handcrafted and hand-finished, offering an unmatched quality standard. Our attention to detail means you always have a perfected piece of craftsmanship to add to your kitchen arsenal. We create our unique cutting boards in our upstate New York workshop from raw materials sourced from the United States and Canada. Using 100% North American suppliers means that we can control the quality and consistency of our products. We're confident you'll appreciate each timeless board you order and offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Production Time for Cutting Boards

Why is Hailey Home Different?

You may be wondering why you should purchase bulk cutting boards from us rather than using another online retailer or even a local store. The reason is simple - our products offer quite a few advantages from those of our competitors, including:

Handcrafted Cutting Board

Hand Crafted

High Quality Cutting Board

High Quality

Real Wood Cutting Boards

Real Wood

Wholesale Prices on Cutting Boards

Wholesale Prices

Available Wholesale Cutting Boards

Browse through our selection of cutting boards and you will find an incredible amount of choices. A few of our most popular cutting boards include:

Walnut Cutting Boards

Wholesale Prices on Walnut Cutting Boards

Walnut cutting boards and serving trays that feature rich wood tones and hearty grains.

AS LOW AS $37.79

Save $30 >

Maple Cutting Boards

Wholesale Prices on Maple Cutting Boards

Maple boards that have a lighter, more delicate hue.

AS LOW AS $35.90

Save $26 >

Cherry Cutting Boards

Wholesale Prices on Cherry Cutting Boards

Cherry, which offers a warmer, more rustic appeal.

AS LOW AS $36.17

Save $28 >

Related Wood Accessories

Closely related to our cutting boards, a serving tray with handle is the perfect accessory for any gathering. Choose a personalized walnut, cherry, or maple tray to match your cutting board precisely. Add a custom message or logo in order to tie everything together. Our paddle design makes it easy for you to serve delicious hors d'oeuvres or other snacks, and then hang the board for easy access. Some possible uses for our serving boards include:

Walnut Serving Tray

Wholesale Prices on Wood Serving Trays

Personalized Walnut Serving Tray with Handle - Bulk Discounts

AS LOW AS $30.77

Save $30 >

Walnut Geometric Planter

Wholesale Prices on Wood Planters

Walnut & Maple Geometric Planter

AS LOW AS $79.49

Save $26 >

Cherry Cutting Boards

Wholesale Prices on Cherry Cutting Boards

Personalized Cherry Cutting Board with 4” Handle - Bulk Discounts

AS LOW AS $34.96

Save $28 >

Our Product Highlights

We understand that when it comes to cutting boards, there is no one size that is perfect for everyone. Likewise, not everyone prefers the same shape either. That's why we offer a variety of sizes and shapes in order to suit a variety of tastes.

Our high quality cutting boards are between ¾” and 1.25” thick, depending on the style. This means you will not have to worry about your board splitting or cracking because the wood is too thin.

Hand sanding provides that added touch that is further accented through its finish. We gently add a food-grade mineral oil to enhance the board's beauty and safeguard it for use.

Engraving is also performed at our headquarters in upstate New York. Our artisans take pride in creating a custom piece that we think you will be proud of as well.

Cutting Board Diagram

Ordering Information

If you're ready to order, you have plenty of time to do so now and have your personalized cutting board before you know it! Any orders over $100 ship for free, directly from our New York workshop directly to your chosen destination. For any customers who are first responders or are active or former military members, we offer a 10% military discount. Enjoy our 30-day replacement guarantee, should you not be 100% satisfied with your order. Browse our designs today and place your personalized order.

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We specialize in crafting and delivering the highest quality cutting boards with your requests in mind. Here are what some of our past and repeat customers have to say about working with us and enjoying our personalized cutting boards.

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"Love it!"
"Absolutely beautiful!"
"Fantastic item, super quality."