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There are a host of new kitchen tools and gadgets launched every day. But there is one kitchen essential that has been around for generations, and continues to be a vital staple to any food prep endeavor: the cutting board! Imagine adding sophistication and style to your kitchen with a personalized cutting board or serving tray. At our workshop in upstate New York, solid North American hardwoods like walnut, maple & cherry are engraved with your personalized design, hand finished, and shipped straight to your home or business. Our customized boards are beautiful personalized additions to any home!

Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized Cutting Boards


Our personalized cutting boards are manufactured from solid walnut, sourced from American & Canadian suppliers before being hand-finished in our beautiful upstate New York workshop. 

We’re proud to be committed to supporting our local community, and all personalized chopping boards we sell are backed by a quality guarantee. 

Crafted with quality in mind, our personalized walnut chopping boards and serving trays are treated with food-grade mineral oil. This means your chopping board will last for years to come, with little maintenance required. 

We offer a wide range of possible personalizations in beautiful, timeless styles. Enjoy a monogram engraved chopping board, or a cutting board with your family name engraved for an eye-catching addition to your kitchen. 

From traditional cursive engravings to timeless floral engravings, monograms and names, our range of personalized cutting boards has something for every home. Don’t just make your house a home, make it a Hailey Home.

Why should you choose Hailey Home for your personalized cutting board? Our products are made in the USA, come with guaranteed quality and you can enjoy free shipping when you spend over $135!

What Makes Our Cutting Boards Different?

Our customized cutting boards are handcrafted and hand-finished, offering an unmatched quality standard. Our attention to detail means you always have a perfected piece of craftsmanship to add to your kitchen arsenal. We create our unique cutting boards in our upstate New York workshop from raw materials sourced from the United States and Canada. Using 100% North American suppliers means that we can control the quality and consistency of our products. We're confident you'll appreciate each timeless board you order and offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Handcrafted Cutting Board

Hand Crafted

High Quality Cutting Board

High Quality

Cutting Boards Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Guaranteed Cutting Boards

30 Day Guarantee

Why Personalized Cutting Boards?

There may be varying opinions about what type of cutting board is best. But, the timeless and beautiful finish of wood is a chef favorite. Your wood-grained cutting boards are naturally antibacterial, as well. Cooking enthusiasts of all experience levels have been preferring wood over plastic for generations as a timeless and traditional asset in the kitchen.

At Hailey Home, you can customize your cutting board with an intricate monogram design. Or, you can opt for fun sayings or more intricate designs. Here are a few sample slogans some of our past customers have favorited.

Personalized Cutting Boards Make Amazing Gifts

Consider our unique and specialty cutting boards as gifts. Offer a long-lasting and personalized kitchen essential to family, friends, or co-workers for the holidays. They make wonderful wedding gifts to newlyweds and corporate holiday event giveaways. Gift your child's teacher this holiday season. Present grandma with something this year she will cherish forever. Get creative and offer a fun, quirky message or theme for that hilarious neighbor. They also make the perfect personalized housewarming gifts! If you have a cooking enthusiast in your circle of family or friends, or you just need a thoughtful gift idea, a personalized cutting board is perfect.

Cutting Board Themes & Options

There are countless options and themes from which to choose when you plan for your customized cutting board. You can choose from our anniversary gift themes or wedding gift themes. Maybe you need an idea for mom or want a country living theme to match your home decor. We have great designs covering everything from outdoor life and camping to patriotic and religious themes. You can opt for a simple monogram layout or a more complex message and design. We can create your precise vision or take the guesswork out of it for you with our customer-favorite templates.


Patriotic Cutting Boards

American Flag Patriotic Engraved Walnut Cutting Board - 11" x 16"

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Religious Cutting Boards

Grateful - Custom Engraved Walnut Cutting Board - 11" x 16"

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Outdoor Cutting Boards

Adventure - Engraved Walnut Cutting Board 11" x 16"

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Wedding Gift

Wedding Gift Cutting Boards

Deluxe Monogram - Engraved Walnut Cutting Board 11" x 16"

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Our Cutting Board Product Highlights

When you order a personalized cutting board from Hailey Home LLC, you can expect the utmost quality and attention to detail. Our boards are handcrafted from solid walnut, cherry, and maple, and are available in various sizes and styles. We treat all of our chopping boards with FDA-approved food-grade mineral oil, and include care instructions with every order to ensure that your chopping board will last for years to come. We also offer 8 oz bottles of mineral oil if you'd like to add one to your personalized cutting board order for ongoing moisture protection.

Cutting Board Diagram

Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes our first-time customers have questions about our chopping boards. We've assembled some of those more frequently asked questions below, with answers to help you in your purchase consideration.

Q: Are the personalized cutting boards water-resistant?

A: Yes, our cutting boards are treated with food-grade mineral oil, offering resistance to water. However we don’t recommend washing them in a dishwasher - a hand-wash and towel-dry will keep your board clean, and a monthly application of oil will keep it looking new!

Q: How should I clean my personalized cutting board?

A: Use a gentle cleanser or dish soap and warm water to clean your board. We recommend hand-washing and hand-drying for best results. Each cutting board order comes with full care instructions!

Q: How should I care for my personalized cutting board?

A: Your cutting board requires very little maintenance. Applying a food-grade cutting board oil each month can help naturally seal out food-borne bacteria. It can also help keep your board moisturized.

Q: Are the personalized cutting boards safe for everyday use?

A: Yes, your customized board is both beautiful and functional. You can use your cutting board on day one. Although most woods are naturally antibacterial, and the oil maintains a barrier between your food and the wood, it’s recommended not to introduce raw meats to your cutting board.

Q: Don't the wood cutting boards leave knife marks?

A: Like any solid wooden cutting board, it will accumulate knife marks and normal wear over time. The great thing about all wooden cutting boards is that a monthly oiling will keep it looking fresh, and a light sanding by hand with fine-grit sandpaper about once a year will remove most of the knife marks it may accumulate. Of course depending on how it’s used, not all marks may be removable - but that’s also part of the charm of a well-used cutting board! Many of our customers choose to leave the front monogrammed side for serving, and use the back side for more aggressive use.

Ordering Information

If you're ready to order, you have plenty of time to do so now and have your personalized cutting board before you know it! Any orders over $100 ship for free, directly from our New York workshop directly to your chosen destination. For any customers who are first responders or are active or former military members, we offer a 10% military discount. Enjoy our 30-day replacement guarantee, should you not be 100% satisfied with your order. Browse our designs today and place your personalized order.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

We specialize in crafting and delivering the highest quality cutting boards with your requests in mind. Here are what some of our past and repeat customers have to say about working with us and enjoying our personalized cutting boards.

"The quality is above my expectations!"
"Photos don't do it justice."
"Love it!"
"Absolutely beautiful!"
"Fantastic item, super quality."