Seasonal Fruits to Add to your Summer Charcuterie Board

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With summer is upon us, it's time to embrace the vibrant flavors and colors of seasonal fruits in your charcuterie board creations. Hailey Home offers a variety of high-quality boards to showcase your culinary delights. Let’s explore a selection of seasonal fruits that perfectly complement your summer charcuterie board. From a delightful trio of berries to juicy nectarines, peaches, and figs, these fruits, when paired with the right cheeses, elevate the flavor profiles of your board.











Berries: Blueberries, Blackberries, and Strawberries

The arrival of summer brings an abundance of delicious berries that add a burst of freshness and natural sweetness to your charcuterie board. Blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries are the stars of the season, and their vibrant colors make them visually appealing as well. These berries pair exceptionally well with creamy and tangy goat cheese, creating a perfect balance of flavors. Add a handful of each berry variety to your charcuterie board, scattering them among the other elements for a delightful and refreshing addition.

Nectarines and Peaches

Juicy nectarines and peaches are summer's gift to fruit lovers. Their luscious texture and sweet-tart taste make them a must-have for a summer charcuterie board. These stone fruits pair wonderfully with bold and creamy cheeses like blue cheese or burrata. The richness of the cheese complements the juicy fruits, creating a harmonious combination of flavors. Slice the nectarines and peaches and arrange them alongside the cheeses, allowing guests to create their own delectable bites.


Figs are a true delicacy that adds elegance and a touch of sophistication to any charcuterie board. Their delicate sweetness and unique texture make them a standout choice for summer. Figs are best paired with salty and savory elements, such as thinly sliced prosciutto. The combination of the sweet figs and the salty prosciutto creates a perfect harmony of flavors. Place a few figs on your charcuterie board, allowing guests to experience this delectable pairing.

Regional Favorites

For the best fruit flavors, it's always a great idea to explore locally grown offerings. In the southeast, peaches and watermelon are in abundance and at their peak in the summer. The midwest is known for summer cherries. On the west coast many grape varieties hit their peak and the apple harvest starts in the northeast. Berries are in season everywhere in the summer so it's a great time to sample local finds.

Our Favorite Hailey Home Cutting Boards:

To beautifully present your summer charcuterie board creations, Hailey Home offers a range of personalized cutting boards that add a touch of elegance and functionality. Here are a few favorites:

Personalized Flat Maple Cutting Board (11" x 16")

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These cutting boards are not only stunning in design but also durable and practical for serving and displaying your culinary creations. With Hailey Home's personalized cutting boards, you can add a personal touch and elevate your charcuterie board presentation.

Hailey Home's exquisite collection of personalized cutting boards provides the perfect canvas to showcase your summer charcuterie masterpieces. So, gather your favorite fruits, cheeses, and cutting board from Hailey Home, and let your creativity shine as you indulge in the delightful flavors of summer. 

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