How To Care For Your Wooden Cutting Board

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We know how much you love your Hailey Home board, so we want you to keep it forever! In order to do that, you have to take proper care of wooden cutting boards. It’s not a lot of work, and you don’t have to do this daily or even weekly! About once every three weeks, take some time to care for your Hailey Home cutting board. 

Gather Your Materials

  • Cutting Board Wax or Boos Block Board Cream 
    • The wax or cream layer prevents water absorption and fills in any gaps from knife scars. The natural beeswax and mineral oil penetrates wood to prevent it from drying out, as well as keeping water from being absorbed. 

Wash Your Board

Wash your board with soap and water, getting inside all sides and in the ridges/grooves, especially if your board is engraved

*When moisture reacts with grain, it swells, and if the swelling isn’t uniform, it can warp the board. A rocking cutting board usually means that only one side was washed.*

Dry thoroughly by standing the board on it’s side.

Apply Oil

Cutting Board Oil

Using your hands, apply a generous amount of our Food-Grade Mineral Oil all over the board. Don’t over do it, but cover the whole board evenly. This step hydrates the board to prevent splitting. Leave it on its edge to dry just like before.

Seal With Wax

Cutting Board Wax

After 3-5 hours, the oil has saturated the wood, and it's time to move on to the next step! The goal here is to get an even layer of wax or cream in every crevice of your board. You’ve given your board a coat to stay hydrated from the oil, but not warp from water! Again, leave the board propped up to rest overnight.


Using that microfiber cloth, buff the board with circular motions. This will create a beautiful, shiny finish that will protect water from penetrating the grains!

Large Cherry Cutting Board with Juice Groove

Don't have a wooden cutting board yet? Shop this one: Large Cherry Cutting Board with Juice Groove! We hope this helps keep your board in perfect, long-lasting condition! Let us know if you have any other tips for cleaning and caring for your board!



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