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We’re so excited to announce that we are now carrying genuine Teak cutting Boards by Teakhaus boards on Hailey Home! Teakwood is some of the most durable wood in the world, making these boards an excellent option for the messiest cooks. Not only are these Teak boards highly functional and efficient, but they are also composed of beautifully colored wood grains.

We love our new Teakhaus boards, but many of you may not know about the fantastic benefits and the background of teak cutting boards. Read along for all the reasons why teak cutting boards are loved by chefs worldwide and are a must-have in your kitchen.


Benefits of Teak Wood

Teak wood has a naturally high oil content allowing it to repel water easily. Historically, ship hands would wash the teak decks with salt water, which is a testament to this wood type’s durability. The tight wood grains and high oil content are the reason for this wood’s durability, not to mention the beautiful colors and grain of these cutting boards. 

History of Teak Wood

Historically, teak wood is used for building ships and decks- so it must be pretty durable, right? Correct! This wood type has been used in building for centuries, and there are many reasons to explain why. According to Teakhaus, this wood was even deemed “royal timber” due to its strong and durable qualities and use for creating high-end furniture.

At one time, teak was a rarity due to its native habitat. To this day, teak wood is native to only India, Thailand, Laos, and Burma. Still, many natural teak forests are becoming obsolete due to unsustainable logging practices, as reported by Gloster. Now, most teak wood that you come across is grown in Indonesia because it thrives in the subtropical climate found there.

Is it sustainable? 

Each of our teak boards is sustainably and responsibly sourced, but what exactly does this mean? Teakhaus cutting boards are certified by the FSC® (the World’s Most Trusted Sustainable Forest Management Organization). This certification proves that your board has been responsibly produced from well-managed forests and sustainably created every step of the way. 

These teak boards are also certified by the Rainforest Alliance, an international non-profit organization working at the intersection of business, agriculture, and forests to support responsible business practices. The Rainforest Alliance focuses on Three Pillars of Sustainability: social, economic, and environmental. This means that every step in sourcing these teak cutting boards was completed as responsibly as possible.

How to care for your Teak Boards:

We could go on and on about the wonderful benefits and unbelievable durability of teak cutting boards, but they must be tended to and treated right to make these boards last. Here is a list of cutting board care procedures you can do to make the most of your Teak cutting board:

Before the first use:

  • Wash 
  • Rinse
  • Towel dry

How to Wash your Teak Cutting Board:

  • Hand wash with hot soapy water
  • Rinse
  • Towel dry or air dry
  • Only put away once completely dry

How to oil your cutting board:

  • Apply a generous amount of oil to cover the wood board
  • Use a small towel or new, clean paintbrush to spread the oil
  • Let the oil soak overnight if possible


Say Hello to the New Teak Collection:

Now, onto the fun stuff! We’re proud to introduce our newest additions to the Hailey Home site that we know you will fall in love with. Each of these boards is reversible, making them extra useful in the kitchen. The icing on the cake comes in the form of our beautiful engravings personalized just for you.

Take a look at our new collection of must-have teak cutting boards and see for yourself!

Personalized Extra Large Teakhaus Cutting Board (24” x 18”)

Give the gift of an Extra Large Teakhaus Cutting Board this year.  Measures around 24" x 18" and 1.5" thick. Hand-finished in a food-grade mineral oil and ready for use as your new favorite cutting board, serving tray, or home decor! All cutting boards are engraved with one of our unique Hailey Home personalization options.

Personalized Extra Large Teakhaus Cutting Board with Juice Groove (24” x 18”)

Beautiful laser-engraved solid teak wood cutting board.  Sized approximately 24" x 18" and 1.5" thick with a juice groove. The perfect gift for that special someone who loves to cook. Hand-finished in a food-grade mineral oil and ready for use as your new favorite cutting board, serving tray, or home decor! All cutting boards are engraved and hand-finished in the Hailey Home headquarters in Georgia.

Personalized Teakhaus Edge Grain Cutting Board with Juice Groove (16” x 11” x 0.5”) 

Be a clean chef with this Teak Board with a juice groove to keep messes where they belong. Measuring 16" x 11" x 0.5", this board is large enough to be functional but small enough for easy mobility around the kitchen. The teak edge grain design makes for a beautiful wood design on this board. Add one of our unique personalizations to make this board your own!

While our product collection can make it hard to choose your favorite, consider ordering one of our high-quality teak boards for your kitchen. All of these benefits of teak wood cutting boards should be reason enough to buy one for your kitchen, but if you are not entirely convinced yet, give us a call or shoot us an email with any questions you may have. We fully believe in the power of a teak cutting board, and - once you try them- you will, too! Before you go, don’t forget to shop our other personalized cutting boards , gift bundles, and kitchen accessories.

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